Monday, May 12, 2014

Almost there!

"People gonna come here from everywhere, 'cause I'm almost there!"
-The Princess and the Frog (2009)

I can't help but sing this song every time something happens to push me closer to Florida! Obviously it's been a while since I last uploaded anything, but don't fret! I believe I've found a way to continue with my Disney sketches even with my horribly busy schedule! First, let's break down why I've been feeling so positive lately:

#1 I've just gotten myself a new job!
I haven't really talked about any of my work history on here, mainly because I want to stay focused on the sketches this time around, but my last handful of months have been pretty rocky job-wise. I landed myself a graphic design job for a few months, which was great at first, but it just didn't pay the bills! I guess that's how it is for artists nowadays, especially when you first start out: we're taken advantage of because we're so desperate for work... 
BUT this is supposed to be POSITIVE, because two weeks ago (and after about a hundred applications filled out to different places) I got myself a job at Bath and Body Works! Oh, how I love the wonderful feeling of human interaction again after being cooped up in an office for so long... So far I love working there- and with me working again and my husband working as well that means we're that much closer to saving up enough to move to Florida!

#2 This is the last week of school for this semester!
As much as I loved going back to school, this semester has been a huge hassle, what with me and the hubby both working so much. It's hard to write an essay when when you barely have any time off! So once I'm done my final essay (which I'm actually working on right now), and I hand in my final project for my Graphics class (a whole website design!), and I take my final Geo exam, I'll be all finished! That leaves me to concentrate on working, working, working!

#3 It's finally SPRING!
After the oh so long Winter and the seemingly never ending cold weather, the plants have finally arrived (along with allergies...) and Spring has sprung! Nothing like a bright and sunny day to lift your spirits, right? Well it's definitely done a whole bunch to help improve my mood, especially on a great day like today!

Because of all these wonderfully positive things, I've decided to continue with my Disney sketches again! I think to give myself a wee bit of a break, though, I'm going to go back to the weekly posts that I did with the last countdown. So now, every weekend (possibly Friday or Saturday), I'll be continuing with the Disney character sketches! I'm still keeping the same list, so this Saturday you can look forward to seeing my sketch for Snow White! About time, huh?

Also, going weekly helps the blog stay true to it's name. Bi-daily Disney Magic just doesn't seem to sound as nice...

TTFN! (Ta ta for now!)

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