Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We're Moving!!

With the update, I've decided to take this show on the road and move to a nicer domain!

If you're still interested in my next countdown, check out the new site!
See you there!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back at it Again...

Has it really ben over a year since I've posted anything? I guess it was kind of obvious that my vacation plans fell through, but that's why I stopped updating. Yes, that was the second time I had to stop planning a vacation, but it's hard living on your own and trying to save money!
BUT, as they say, the third times the charm (right?), which means that this time things are looking good! After reading my last post just to see where I left you guys, I'm excited to say that quite a lot has happened since last April, and I'll be able to write a nice big update post about it!

Let's go over the basics: I just decided I'm planning another trip, and that means it's time to clean off the cobwebs that have been gathering here for the past 14 months! That means a new look for the blog and a new countdown post every week! I haven't decided what I'm doing yet, but I'll tell you it's not going to be a post every day like I was supposed to do last time- that was just way too much to keep up with.

Aside from blog-related things that are changing, my day-to-day living has changed a lot too! I've actually changed jobs about... 5 times since the last post? It sounds like a lot, but I was working two jobs at two different times- all 4 places were retail jobs. But NOW I'm working at a bank! So far it's the best paying job I've ever had. I've been here for about 4 months, and it's all going really well! 

Also, back in September I started going to school again- this time full-time! And my major is completely different than graphic design this time- I'm actually going to school for my doctorate in Veterinary! It's been great so far- I actually really love going to school. And working towards a career that you actually need a degree for seems a lot more worthwhile than one that doesn't.

SO in the meantime while I come up with a new countdown, keep an eye out for the design update and share this blog with anyone you know that loves Disney!!